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Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse, the piece of technology we all are using, in this era of technology, we all are surrounded by different kinds of tech gadgets. From smartphones, computers to smart glasses, washing machines, microwaves, and many more, technology is everywhere.
Well, we are not gonna talk about all the tech gadgets, cause it is almost impossible to describe all the tech gadgets in a single article.

From all the tech gadgets the computer is a single device, which helps us in doing amazing tasks easily.
For ease, there are many other gadgets also used along with computers, for example, mouse, printer, webcam, etc.

This article will help to know the working principle of the optical mouse.
First of all, let us know about the mouse and its history.
Due to the shape, the pointer device is named after the small rodent mouse.
Computer mouse or simply mouse is basically a pointing device, used to point the elements on the computer screen.

In simple words, we can say that mouse is the advancement of the trackball, which was invented in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin.
The Computer mouse pointer works on the two-dimensional motion location.
The first computer mouse was publically used in 1968, at that time there was a ball used in the mouse for the pointer on the screen.

Douglas Engelbart & Rene Sommer are known for the invention of the computer mouse.

Douglas Engelbart

With the advancement of technology, the mouse is getting more advance.
Now, the optical sensors are used in the mouse, which is more fast and accurate.
The optical mouse provides a smooth experience to the user in using GUI.
The pointer shown on the computer screen is known as a cursor, the mouse is also used to select the menus. For various purposes, there are some basic keys provided on the mouse, like the left button, right button, and a scroll wheel.

Wireless Mouse

The left button is the main button which is used to select, open hyperlinks, etc. While the right button is used for different purposes like opening the menu that is pop – up menu.
The scroll wheel is used for the scrolling purpose, in most of the mouse the scroll wheel is clickable. That provides extra functionality to the user. The scroll button is used to open the link in a new tab of the browser, if you press the scroll button and then drag down the computer mouse and leave it, the scrolling continues, same happens with the up direction.

If you ever noticed then the computer mouse basically replicates the motion of itself to the screen. The motion of the mouse in a two-dimensional coordinate is converted into electronic signals and then the driver inside the system uses that information to show the cursor movement.


In the case of wired mouses, the input is transferred through the wire, while in wireless mouses infrared or radio frequencies are used for the transfer of input.

Let us jump to the types of the mouse:
There are various types of mouses are available, based on their uses,
• Mechanical Mouse
• Gaming Mouse
• Ergonomic Mouse
• Optical & Laser Mouse

Mechanical mouse consists of a ball, which is rotating on the surface, there are two mutually perpendicular rollers, one is for forward-backward motion and other for the left-right motion.

A gaming mouse is a mouse used for playing computer games. The gaming mouses are designed for comfort so that gamers can easily enjoy the games for a long duration. There are some additional features also available in gaming mouses, like customizable RGB lights, DPI (i.e., Dots Per Inch) control buttons, and some programmable keys. The DPI defines the sensitivity of the mouse on the screen, for example, if DPI is higher then a small movement of mouse can cause large movement of the cursor on the screen and vice versa.

Ergonomic mouse or vertical mouse is designed for extra comfort. In working professionals, the long term use of normal mice can cause strains in their hands. To overcome that problem, ergonomic mouses are used. The ergonomic mouse maintains the natural position of hand without giving any strain on the nerves.

An optical mouse is a mouse in which LEDs are used for the movement of the mouse.

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