Interesting Facts About Camera
Interesting facts

Interesting Facts

Hey, here you will find some interesting facts. The facts will be related to tech, entertainment, science, animals, human body and many more. Read the facts and enjoy the journey.

  • Today’s smartphones have better cameras than ancient cameras. But the interesting fact you have to know is the camera is invented before the invention of photography.
  • The word “camera”is derived from Latin word “Camera Obscura”, which means dark chamber.
  • Photography is not a single word. The word “Photography” is derived from two Greek words, ‘photos’ meaning ‘light’ and ‘graphe’ meaning ‘by means of line’.
  • DSLR Camera Stands for Digital Single – Lens Reflex Camera.
  • The first Digital Still Camera was invented by Steven Sasson in 1975.
  • Infrared is used in active auto focusing in modern cameras.
  • The cameras used for capturing moon surface are still there.

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