Hello friends, in this blog we going to discuss about meditation, benefits of meditation and how to meditate. so i hope this is going to for you.

so lets strat:

People have been practicing for thousands of years for the spiritual purpose of meditation, emotional purpose and physical healing, but the question is how does the scientific approach affect your body.

Benefits of Meditation:

Physically change in your brain

Friends, the shape of your brain changes in Meditation actually. A study conducted by Dr. Sarlazer in Howard 2011 showed that with just eight weeks of meditation, the size of your brain changes in three very important places.

First comes the left Hippocampus, due to which your ability to learn any new things and your memory increases greatly.

The second is the posterior cingulate cortex, which keeps on bringing new ideas to your brain again and again to increase that thing, that is, it will increase your focus.

This study proved that it reduces the cell volume which is in the part of your brain AMYGDALA and this part of the brain is responsible for fear, stress and anxiety.

Another benefit of meditation is that it helps you to control your bad habits.

From a study that was done in 2015, we came to know that meditation is a part of the brain called DORSOLATERAL PREFRONTAL CORTEX that grows it and this thing is directly related to our willpower.

In one study, people who drink alcohol were divided into two groups, one group was taught meditation for 8 weeks while the other group was given a 12 step program.

When it was seen again after 1 year, which of these two groups had started drinking again, it was found that 20% of the people in group B started drinking again while meditation Only 8% of the people in the drinking group have started drinking.

Very beneficial for health

In a study it was found that meditation reduces the CRP (C Reactive Protein) level of our blood which is very beneficial for our hands.

In this study it was also found that the blood pressure of the patient can be reduced through meditation and a very important study which was done in 2010 Nobel prize winner by Elizabeth Blackburn. Those who proved that meditation also changes your body at the genetic level, they proved that our chromosomes contain a protective protein complex named TELOMERES.

The length of the short teeth tells that we will grow old very soon and meditation helps in increasing the length of the teleomeres.

Makes you happier:

Meditation gives you happiness A very famous study which was done in 2004 by DAVIDSON who placed electrodes on the heads of sadhus and took their brain scans and all these sadhus who had been doing meditation for years, brain scans of these people It was found that 30 times more Gamma Waves are released from their brain and Gamma Waves are directly related to intelligence to control themselves and to happiness and people who do meditation daily are surrounded by positive emotions and remain happy.

what happened if you meditate

The positive effect of meditation is that you can control your mind just like you can turn on or off a radio, you can turn on and off the thoughts going on in your mind and whatever you want. That’s what you can think. That is, you are completely controlling your mind and not the mind is controlling you and if you think carefully then it is not less than any power, you can reduce your stress, anxiety, focus, concentration, everyone. can control.

If you ever feel the voice of your mind, then your mind is always judging someone or someone, comparing you with someone, complaining, liking someone or hating someone. is doing and these thoughts are always going on in your mind and you have no control over those thoughts i.e. basically meditation gives you an on and off button to control those thoughts.

How to meditate

Before doing meditation, you should know that in which way you should sit while meditating, although meditation can be done in any posture, sitting or lying on the chair, but the best posture considered for meditation is that you are sitting on the floor and your back is straight and bring your legs in a criss cross position and if possible your hands should be facing up on each other and resting on your feet, your The head should be straight, neither too high nor too low and your eyes should be closed.

How long you should meditate?

If you have just started meditating, then in the beginning you should meditate only for approx 5 minutes and after some time you should have to increase meditation time gradually.

What to do during meditation

First you should start with mindfulness breathing meditation. Which means you have to focus on your breath, you have to focus on how you draw your breath in or out and you have to do the same thing again and again, you have to feel the air that you pull inside you. Staying or leaving out, now it will happen that in the beginning your thoughts will wander here and there, sometimes you will think of someone else and we are doing meditation to control this thing.

It will be like a game of badminton, if you try to focus again, again your thoughts will go somewhere else and this process will continue and gradually the time of your focus will increase and you will be able to control your mind and not your mind. Will control you because our mind is our tool and we have to control it.

And if you think carefully, then your focus, stress, depression, concentration all depend on these thoughts, if you can control your thoughts, you can think whatever you want, by this you can increase your focus level and increase your focus. Can reduce stress and depression, so both your health and memory will improve.

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