Geeta Phogat

Geeta Phogat (Born 15 December 1988)

Hey, hopefully, you have watched the movie “DANGAL”. The movie is base on the story of an Indian wrestler’s family. The struggle faced by the wrestler and the achievements are also shown in the movie. Well, who was that wrestler, “Geeta Phogat”. Geeta Phogat is a well-known freestyle Indian wrestler. She is best known for […]

Wifi Router
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What is Wifi Router?

Wifi Router Hey there, I am sure that you have heard the word ‘Router’ many times. In this internet era, it’s almost impossible to let your work done without the internet. Everywhere the internet is used to provide ease to the task. But have you ever think what it is and how it works ? […]

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Hey, have you ever wondered about how the live television news anchors read the all the news while watching in the camera ? Do they all memorise the whole news everyday ? These are some common questions come in our mind while watching a news channel. Introduction Teleprompter, have you heard this word before ? […]

Interesting Facts About Camera
Interesting facts

Interesting Facts

Hey, here you will find some interesting facts. The facts will be related to tech, entertainment, science, animals, human body and many more. Read the facts and enjoy the journey. Today’s smartphones have better cameras than ancient cameras. But the interesting fact you have to know is the camera is invented before the invention of […]

Introduction to nanotechnology
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Do you remember that scene from Ironman movie in which the Ironman suit becomes invisible when it closes. Do you think, how it is possible ? Well, Ironman is a fictional character but, it’s not impossible nowadays to make things like that in real life. This article will help you in understanding this technology in […]

What is

Hello friends, if you have tried to know about, you must have heard the name of Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is a well-known motivational speaker and business coach. Dr. Bindra has done his training program in more than 1500 companies. Today every well-known company in the country is a client of Dr. Bindra. Dr. […]

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What is IoT ?

Hello! Friends, have you heard about smart homes, if yes then would you think about the technology behind it. Okay, if you don’t think about that yet then no problem, here we will learn about the cool technology working behind the smart homes and many other smart things. For the ease of understanding the whole […]

What is an operating system ?
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Operating System

Hello guys, this post will give you an overview about Operating System. Lets talk about What is an Operating System? The Operating System is also known as OS. Introduction Let us discuss What is an operating system ? As we know that machine cannot understand our language. The machine takes input and gives us output […]

What is soc ?
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What is SoC? –

The meaning of SoC what is soc ? Hello, Friends here we have to discuss SoC. It stands for System on a Chip. As the name suggests, there is a chip that contains all useful components required for a system. In simple words, we can say that it is an integrated circuit or IC that […]