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What is IoT ?

Hello! Friends, have you heard about smart homes, if yes then would you think about the technology behind it. Okay, if you don’t think about that yet then no problem, here we will learn about the cool technology working behind the smart homes and many other smart things. For the ease of understanding the whole thing is divided in following sub topics :


 Well, iot stands for internet of things. IoT is not a brand new technology, according to wikipedia the first iot device was made in 1982 and that was a modified coca-cola vending machine. It is a system of computing devices to connect and exchange data through internet so the electronic devices can be automated. Long years ago when there is nothing like mobile internet and all.

No one thinks that one day we can browse internet through mobiles, watch high quality contents on the go. But, as we know that things changing continuosly in the world of technology and becomes better day – by – day. It helps to establish a connection between two electronic devices, so they can connect to each other without any human assistance. The connected devices uses the internet to share and analyze the data. Operations are then performed on the basis of analyzed data.

Why do we need IoT ?

  Okay, now there will be many question arises, why do we need iot ? What is the need of iot, if we can operate the devices on our own ? Why it is needed to establish a communication system between electronic devices ? All these questions are interconnected to each other. It comes in figure to provide better life experience to us. The IoT devices helps us in improving security. Smart home, driverless cars, wireless inventory trackers, wearable health monitors are some of the examples of iot devices.

Real – life applications

  Most of the electronic devices available around us are nowadays iot devices. Our smartphones, smart tv, fridges, weather monitor and many more, are the real – life examples of iot devices.

        Suppose one day you came back to home from office, you were very tired. You stepped in to the kitchen to make some coffee and you found that there is no coffee beans available in the kitchen. Imagine the level of frustration at that time. I guess it will be very annoying.

        Let’s involve the iot in the scene, with the help of iot device you can track the amount of beans. Your device can track the amount of beans and order automatically when it is needed, now sit back and enjoy your coffee.

IoT can also help in improving home or office security systems. It can sense the motion in the targetted area and lock or unlock the doors as per requirement. Also you can get information through mobile notifications. IoT devices can turn on AC or make coffee for you before you reach at home.

How it works ?

   As we discussed above that iot is very useful in our day – to – day life. To understand it better we have to understand the working principle of iot devices. The main principles used are connect, analyze and integrate.

   Connect – Connect various things to the common platform.

   Analyze – Analyze the data collected and use it to build business intelligence.

   Integrate – Integrate various models to improve user experience.

In laymen language, we can say that there is a common platform between all the iot devices for the ease of communication. The communication is bi-directional i.e., the data is shared from both ends and analyzed for further operations. It minimizes the human effort. It also minimizes the human involvement in many works. Saves a lot of time, because the data transfer speed is so fast.

Drawbacks of IoT

   Nothing is one hundred percent perfect. There is always some good and bad things like head and tail of a coin. Similarly there are some drawbacks of iot. Let’s talk about them one – by – one.

The drawbacks are Job loss, over-reliance on technology and privacy. These are the some important drawbacks of iot technology. Since it minimizes the human involvement, so it can cause a huge amount of job loss. Obviously some IT professionals are hired for the maintainance but the labourers may completely lose their jobs.

Privacy is another big issue. The data is uploaded on internet and it will be available there. Well, there are some security measures but still it can be stolen by hackers. That’s why the data is not totally secure. As we know nothing is good beyond limit.

Over-reliance on technology is not good. If everything around us is fully automated then, the logical ability and decision making ability will be badly affected. So, be careful while using technology.


  IoT stands for internet of things. It is basically a system of computing devices which helps in communicating electronic devices on their own. The communication medium is internet. Smart home, driverless cars, wireless inventory trackers, wearable health monitors these all are examples.

There are many electronic devices having embedded systems, and supports this technology. It helps us in minimizing man power and human dependecy but at the same time it increases the over – reliance on technology. Don’t overuse technology it will be harmful. Always use things smartly with knowing the benefits and demerits. Stay healthy and stay informed.

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