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What is LASER

Introduction to Laser

LASER stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. LASER is basically a device that emits light. Emission of light through laser is an optical amplification based on stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. In the history laser was first built in Hughes Research laboratories by Theodore H. maiman in 1960.

Laser technology started with Albert Einstein in the early 1900s. Laser technology further evolved when Theodore H. maiman built very first Laser in 1960.

Laser is a device which is used to produce a strong monochromatic and highly coherent beam of light. Working of LASER depends on phenomena of stimulated emission. LASER beams are highly energetic.

Properties of LASER Light:

  • LASER beam produces coherent light i.e. LASER beams are found to be in same Phase and same frequency. while ordinary light source produce incoherent light.
  • LASER beam is highly monochromatic while ordinary light or white light constitute of light of different wavelength that means produce spectrum of light of seven colours when passing through prism.
  • LASER beam is extremely intense while the intensity of ordinary light sources decrease rapidly with distance.
  • LASER beam does not diverge while ordinary light are highly divergent that means LASER light travels long distance without spreading but ordinary or white light travels long distance with spreading.
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