What is soc ?
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What is SoC? –

The meaning of SoC

what is soc ? Hello, Friends here we have to discuss SoC. It stands for System on a Chip. As the name suggests, there is a chip that contains all useful components required for a system. In simple words, we can say that it is an integrated circuit or IC that contains all useful components of an electronic device like input & output ports, memory unit, data processing unit, signal processing unit etc.

System on a chip

Components of an SoC

To understand what is soc, first we have to discuss about components of an soc. As we know that it is basically system on a chip so the basic components it has are central processing unit (CPU), input and output ports, internal memory, and some other things like signal processing, wireless communication, artificial intelligence are also included. It may contain camera module, different type of sensors and various other components in case of mobile phones.

Uses of SoC

what is soc and where it is used ? It is used in most of the electronic gadgets we use in our day-to-day life, for example, smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, digital cameras, wireless routers and many more. Since it, requires a small space for installation so it is used in many electronic devices. Nowadays almost all smart devices contain SoC. Our smartphone is multifunctional device and also small in size for portability purposes. This is all possible due to SoC. There are some well-known manufacturers like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, NVIDIA, etc. which makes SoC for many smartphones.


what is soc ? It stands for System on a chip, as per name it contains a system that has CPU, GPU, input and output ports, internal memory, etc. Due to its small size, it is energy efficient, takes less space that makes it easy to use in portable electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, Laptops, computer, electronic watches, etc. So may be that system on chip is combination of microprocessor and microcontroller.

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