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What is Wifi Router?

Wifi Router

Hey there, I am sure that you have heard the word ‘Router’ many times. In this internet era, it’s almost impossible to let your work done without the internet. Everywhere the internet is used to provide ease to the task. But have you ever think what it is and how it works ?

Well, this article gonna help you in understanding these questions. Whether you are a techy or a non-techy it doesn’t matter. This article would help each and every one. Let’s fasten your seat belt and take the tour of the explanation.

Well, day by day everything works wirelessly. The most of wireless technologies are based on radio frequencies. The data is transferred between the devices in the form of radio waves.

According to wikipedia the wifi is invented by Dr. O’Sullivan and his colleagues. The names of them are as :-

  1. John O’Sullivan
  2. Terence Percival
  3. Diethelm Ostry
  4. John Deane
  5. Graham Daniels

In ancient times, the wire is used to transfer the data between the devices. Due to the connected wire, there are some limitations related to the mobility of the devices.

To solve that problem the wireless technologies comes in the frame. Wired telephones are replaced by wireless mobile phones. In wireless devices the information is first converted into electric and magnetic signals. To transmit and receive the signals, transmitter and receivers are used. The transmitter and receiver are basically an antenna.

First we will discuss about Wi-Fi, however as such there is no any full form for Wi-Fi but you will find the full name of Wi-Fi as wireless fidelity.

The wifi is a wireless technology that provides a local network to share information wirelessly between devices like computers, smartphones, printers, smart wearables etc. Wifi is not a new technology, it is introduced 21 years ago. Wifi is a wireless local area network technology based on IEEE 802 protocol. The IEEE is a professional organisation stands for the Institute Of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is largest technical association which works on innovation and advancement of technology.

Wifi Router is basically a electronic device used to connects computer networks to each other. Wifi router provides a network to connect many devices wirelessly. The wifi routers are very common nowadays. Routers can be used in many places like home, office, schools, colleges etc.

With the help of wifi router one can create a local server, that provides so much ease in sharing files from one device to another. One can connect the smartphones, personal computers, televisions, printers  and many other devices to the same network. Same video can be played on a smart tv and a smartphone without any wired connection.

From outside a wifi router looks like a box having some antennas on it. But, from inside the router is smart enough to provide a secure and wireless network, it contains ram, cpu, rom, flash memory, buses etc. The cpu provides the power to communicate with the devices for a secure connection. It also has it’s own operating system.

Now lets talk about some interesting facts related Wifi.

The first version of the 802.11 protocol speed recorded was 2 Mb/s in 1997. Later in 1999, the speed is upgraded to 11 Mb/s and the version was 802.11b.

The fastest average wifi speed is in South Korea. The shape of wifi waves is spherical or ellipsoidal.

Wifi works on radio waves. The wifi works mostly on two frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The largest free wifi zone is 20 Km, and it is located in Patna, Bihar.

The latest version of wifi is wifi 6 or 802.11ax.

The invention of Wifi is done by an accident.

The Wifi alliance owns the Wifi logo. The headquarter of Wifi Alliance in Austin, Texas, USA.

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