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Yama and Nachiketa

Yama and Nachiketa Story

The story of Yama and Nachiketa is a story of Brahmagyan and enlightenment. Yama and Nachiketa story is mentioned in Kathopanishad. In the story of Yama and Nachiketa, the fatherhood of Nachiketa, determination has been told.

The story of Yama and Nachiketa is as follows.

Thousands of years ago, Maharishi Vajashrava used to spend most of his time in chanting. Maharishi Vajashrava also had a son named Nachiketa.

Nachiketa was a paternal devotee child. Nachiketa had a lot of devotion to perseverance, truth and religion. His face was as sharp as the sun. Nachiketa was very tolerant. Because of all these qualities, Maharishi Vajashrava loved him deeply. In this way Nachiketa became more loving to his father than his life.


Once, to achieve salvation, Maharishi Vajashrava wanted to perform the sacrificial sacrifice. In this yagya, only after donating everything you get the fruit. Maharishi knew this thing very well. This is what Vajashrava told his son Nachiketa. Nachiketa was a child of very religious nature. KR was very happy to know his father’s wishes.

The auspicious date was fixed for the Sarvemedha Yagya. On that day the Sarvamedha Yagya was launched. To make the yagna successful, the Brahmins came from far and wide. Nachiketa was watching each one of the yagyas carefully. All actions became successful as completely. Finally came the time of Purnahuti. The Siddhastha Brahmins performed the yagna by giving a complete sacrifice of coconut. On completion of the yajna, Vajashrava had to donate everything. There was complete hope of getting good donations to Brahmins.

Maharishi woke up after the completion of the yagna. After saluting the fire god, he proceeded to his cowshed. But upon reaching Gaushala, his heart was filled with greed. They started donating to the weak, old and non-milch cows of Gaushala.

Brahmins did not even expect such a donation in their dreams. The Brahmin was saddened to see Vajashrava’s greed but could not say anything. Nachiketa was also watching all this.

He was very sad to see his father in greed. He went to his father and asked, “Father, you had decided to donate everything in this Mahayagya, but you are not giving your favorite things to old and weak cows”.

Vajashrava smiled at his son, but said nothing. He kept donating the same cows.

Yama and Nachiketa
Yama and Nachiketa

Now Nachiketa is no more. His endurance dam was breaking. He fearlessly said to Vajashrava, “Father, I am your favorite thing. Who will you donate to me? “

On hearing this, the smile disappeared from the face of Maharishi Vajashrava. Anger took his place. He said in anger, “Nachiketa, I will give you a donation to Yamaraja, the god of death”.

“I gladly accept it, father.” Nachiketa was happy and replied, “May I go to Yamraj with your orders, but must donate all of the goshala to the Brahmins. Without this, your omniscient sacrifice will be fruitless.

Vajashrava said in anger, “Small mouth talks big. I should worry about yagya, not you. Go to Yamraj, I will see the rest. “

In Bajrajrava anger, he forgot that Nachiketa is his only son. The order given by the father was a brahma-sentence for him.

Then what, Nachiketa asked for permission to go to Yamraj after touching his father’s feet. Nachiketa did not want to lose a single moment.

Now Maharishi Vajashrava realized that what he told Nachiketa with anger? They knew his determination well. Vajashrava was also aware that he will not be able to go to Yamraj. Still his affection rose. He asked, “Watts are familiar with Yamraj?”

Nahiketa spontaneously replied, “Yes, father, he is the god of death.”

While trying to understand, Vajashrava said, “You are going to him so knowledgeable about Yamraj? No one has returned after receiving death in the face of death ” Nachiketa said “I am the father”. Father’s command is paramount to me, he has made me fearless. With your blessings, I will reach everywhere easily. Then death is a truth that cannot be denied. Every day, everyone has access to him. “

His argument was correct. He said in repentance that I had said this in anger. I did not mean that you go to Yampuri. I cannot command you to go to Yampuri at any cost.

He said very politely, you have already ordered to go to Yampuri. Now it is meaningless to say anything. I have pledged to follow your command, let me fulfill it. This is my welfare.

He made Maharishi speechless. His face was withering. Lines of gloom started appearing on his head. The sentences he used to say to him began to prick him like a shul.

Seeing the condition of the father, he said, “Father, the success of your all-encompassing sacrifice is also in my going to Yamlok. It is my religion to complete the journey of Yamlok. Vajashrava had no answer. He bid farewell to the only son with his tearful eyes.

Nachiketa greeted his father and walked towards Yampuri. That day went on night and night. It took him several days to reach Yampuri. When he reached Yamlok, he was stopped at the main gate of Yamlok. At that time, Yamraj had gone out somewhere. He had to wait at the main gate itself. It took three days and three nights for Yamraj to return. He was hungry and thirsty waiting for Yamraj.

Finally Yamraj returned. Seeing Rishi Kumar at his main gate, he got worried. Then Yamraj asked “who are you” to know the introduction?

Nachiketa greeted Yamraj and said in a polite voice, “Dev, I am Nachiketa, son of Maharishi Vajashrava.”

 Yamraj asked, “Hrishikumar, why have you come here?

Nachiketa then said in a polite voice, “Dev, my father has sent me to your service in the form of Ashwamedha Yagya.

On hearing this, Yamraj was surprised and asked, “You didn’t feel like coming to Yampuri”.

Nachiketa replied, Death is the greatest truth then how is fear? When the body of the creature leaves him, then death frees him from all troubles. Therefore, Muktidatri should not be considered as the cause of fear. Death should always be accepted as a boon.

At such a young age, Yamraj was very impressed by the knowledge and secrets. After stopping for a few moments, he said, “You have been at my doorstep for a couple of days.”

This time Nachiketa did not answer Yamraj’s question.

Yamraj arranged for his hospitality and asked him to rest after eating and drinking.

 He accepted the hospitality of Yamraj and started resting after eating and drinking.

The next day when he woke up to sleep, Yamraj called him and said, “We are very happy with your knowledge, loyalty and paternity.” You can ask for three boons in this regard.

Nachiketa said, “Dev, I am sent to you as gift. How can I ask for a groom from you?

Hearing the legitimate words of the child, Yamraj said, “Never mind, ask for a bride without any reason”. On this, Nachiketa said, “Dev, give the first bridesmaid that my father’s anger was pacified on me. He should get the success of the sacrificial fire.

Removed from Yamraj’s face, “Tathastu”. Second ?

He said that the knowledge with which fear does not arise, I should receive it.

Yamraj again said “Tathastu”. Now ask for a third groom

He said, “God you are omniscience. You explain to me the secret of the soul.

On hearing this, Yamraj started thinking and said, “Nachiketa, you are very young now. Knowing the secret of the soul is not a matter of the control of the learned and meditative monks. You can ask for a third groom.

He said, “Please show me the secret of the soul.” I don’t want anything else.

Yamaraj had to tell the secret of soul by being forced.

The secret of Nachiketa’s soul came back to earth. Vajashrava was very happy to find his son.

The name of the child Nachiketa was “immortalized as a self-knowledgeer”.

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